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Course Schedule

Current and Newly Accepted Students: Download the course registration guide for instructions on how to enroll in classes beginning in Summer 2019.

Summer Registration will open on Monday, March 4.
Please log in to My MUIH and select Data Portal. Then, click on Course Registration and follow the registration instructions by using the course registration guide. Please also note that registration may be prevented if you have not met the pre-requisite of a course, have an outstanding account hold, or attempt to take a course that is not part of your designated program.

Individual Academic Courses: If you are interested in registering for an individual course, see more information here.

Please note: The following Course Schedule is for planning and informational purposes only, and is subject to change. For the most up-to-date course schedule, please log in to My MUIH.

Course Code Course Name Term Section Delivery Method Primary Instructor Credits
ACP790C5 Supervised Clinical Practice: Student Clinic SU19 1 IN-CLASS Tyme Gigliotti 6.00
AOM096 Pre-Clinic Retreat SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 0.00
AOM612a Foundations of Oriental Medicine II SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 2.00
AOM612b Constitutional Five Element Acupuncture I SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 2.00
AOM613a Foundations of Oriental Medicine III SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 1.50
AOM613b Constitutional Five Element Acupuncture II SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 2.50
AOM615a Patterns of Disharmony II SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 2.00
AOM615b Treatment Planning and Design SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 2.00
AOM615c Point Functions and Applications SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 3.00
AOM622 Point Location I SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 3.00
AOM623 Point Location II SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 3.00
AOM625 Point Location IV SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 2.00
AOM632 Diagnostic Skills II SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 1.00
AOM633 Diagnostic Interaction SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 1.25
AOM635 Diagnostic Skills Lab II SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 0.50
AOM643 Treatment Skills I SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 1.00
AOM645 Clinical Theater Lab SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 0.50
AOM653 Clinical Observation I SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 0.75
AOM655 Clinical Theater SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 1.00
AOM655 Clinical Theater SU19 2 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 1.00
AOM665 Physiology III: Integration With Oriental Medicine SU19 200 ONLINE COURSE _Individual _Unknown 1.00
AOM682 Self-Cultivation II SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 0.50
AOM685 Self-Cultivation IV SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 0.50
AOM690a Introduction to Community Acupuncture and Supervised Community Practice I SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 0.50
AOM690c Supervised Community Practice III SU19 1 IN-CLASS _Individual _Unknown 0.25