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Curriculum & Course Descriptions

The 30-credit M.A. in Health and Wellness Coaching program includes

  • 24 credits in coaching, including 15 credits of foundational courses and 9 credits in advanced coaching courses,
  • 3 credits in an advanced research literacy course,
  • 2 credits in a practice management course focused on the knowledge and skills to build and sustain a private practice or business in coaching, and
  • 1 credit capstone course that integrates coaching skills and knowledge with the students’ way forward in their coaching career.

The M.A. in Health and Wellness Coaching program consists of the following courses and sequence. The courses offered in Trimesters 1 through 3 (with the exception of RSCH601) also comprise the coursework of the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching.

Trimester 1

  • APP606 Becoming a Healing Presence (3 cr)

  • ISCI631 Complementary and Integrative Health (1.5 cr)

  • COA605 Foundations of Healthy Lifestyles (1.5 cr)

  • MUIH550 Introduction to Research Literacy (0 cr)

  • MUIH500 MUIH Orientation (0 cr)

Trimester 2

  • COA610 Fundamentals of Health and Wellness Coaching (3 cr)

  • COA616 Theories and Principles of Behavior Change (3 cr)

Trimester 3

  • COA620 Applied Healing Strategies (3 cr)

  • COAPSA Practical Skills Assessment (0 cr)

  • RSCH601 Research Literacy in Integrative Health (3 cr)

Trimester 4

  • APP700 Mindfulness, Meditation, and Health (3 cr)

  • COA660 Advanced Coaching with Integrative Health and Wellness Approaches (3 cr)

Trimester 5

  • COA670 Advanced Topics in Health and Wellness Coaching (3 cr)

  • IHM650 Integrative Practice Management (2 cr)

  • COA641 Seminar in Health and Wellness Coaching: Capstone (1 cr)