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Curriculum & Course Descriptions

Curriculum Overview

This Master of Arts in Health and Wellness Coaching program begins with 15 credits of foundational courses that make up the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching plus an additional three credits for a total of 18 core coaching credits. These include a two-credit practice management course that teaches students the skills to build and sustain their own practice or business in coaching, and a one-credit capstone course that allows integration of the content in their area of concentration with their coaching skills. Students select an area of concentration in Herbal Studies, Integrative Health Practices, or Nutrition to provide the remaining 12 credits for a master’s degree.

Course of Study

21 Core Credits + 9 Area of Concentration Credits

Students must complete 18 core credits and select one 9-credit area of concentration.

If applicable, dependent upon their chosen area of concentration, students will choose from available elective courses to complete the remainder of their required credits for program completion.

Number Course Title Credits
APP 606 Becoming a Healing Presence 3.0
COA 610 Fundamentals of Health and Wellness Coaching 3.0
COA 616 Theories and Principles of Behavior Change 3.0
COA 620 Applied Healing Strategies* 3.0
COA 641 Seminar in Health and Wellness Coaching 1.0
COA 660 Advanced Coaching with Integrative Wellness Approaches 3.0
ISCI 631 Introduction to Complementary and Integrative Health 1.5
IHED 637 Principles and Practices of Health Behavior and Self-Care 1.5
IHM 650 Practice Management in Coaching 2.0
  Total Core Curriculum Credits 21.0

Herbal Studies

9 Required Credits 

Code Title Credits
HRB 600 Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine 3.0
HRB 605 Materia Medica I 3.0
HRB 622 Herbal Pharmacy: Evaluating and Manufacturing Quality Herbal Products 3.0
  Total Herbal Studies Credits 9.0

Integrative Health Practices

9 Required Credits

Number Course Title Credits
APP 700 Mindfulness, Meditation, and Health 3.0
ISCI 671 Physical Activity and Health 3.0
NUTR 602 Nutrition: Food and Balance 3.0
  Total Integrative Health Practices Credits 9.0


9 Required Credits + 1 Elective Credits

Number Course Title Credits
NUTR 614 Human Nutrition I: Macronutrients 2.0
NUTR 601 Redefining Nutrition 1.0
NUTR 602 Nutrition: Food and Balance 3.0
NUTR 672 Mindful Eating and Nourishment 2.0

Electives  - 

NUTR 634 Diabetes Education: An Integrative Approach 1.0 

NUTR 662 Energetics of Food 1.0 

NUTR 663 Sports Nutrition 1.0 

NUTR 665 The Dynamics of Food and Healing 1.0 

NUTR 668 Culinary Herbs in the Kitchen and Beyond 1.0 

NUTR 671 Food and Culture 1.0 

NUTR 681 Cooking with Whole Foods Lab I 0.5 

NUTR 682 Cooking with Whole Foods Lab II 0.5 

NUTR 683 Cooking with Whole Foods Lab III 0.5 

NUTR 684 Cooking with Whole Foods Lab IV 0.5

  Total Nutrition Concentration Credits 9.0