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Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

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Maryland University of Integrative Health’s Doctor of Clinical Nutrition is designed to fill the tremendous and increasing demand for nutritionists who can work at all levels of the healthcare continuum and who will assume leadership roles in the field. As a graduate of this program, you will be prepared to work as a vital part of multidisciplinary healthcare teams in a number of wellness settings.

As with all MUIH academic programs, we blend cutting edge science with traditional wisdom. You will explore the vital and interrelated physiological, environmental, socio-cultural, and spiritual roles of food in our lives. This program also offers you evidenced-based practices, and hands on cooking labs, on-campus experiences as well as online coursework, focused individual work, and highly interactive group projects.

As a graduate of this program, you’ll be prepared with advanced nutritional, clinical, and research skills that will make you highly marketable as an accomplished and credible expert in the emerging field of integrative and functional nutrition.

Two Pathways to the Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

Master’s Degree Pathway

If you hold a master’s degree and have a background in nutrition, you can complete your Doctor of Clinical Nutrition by taking 48 credits over three years.

Bachelor’s Degree Pathway

If you hold a bachelor’s degree with a strong science focus, you can complete your Doctor of Clinical Nutrition by taking 79 credits in under five years. Admissions is competitive.

See Admission Requirements for the specific pre-requisites and requirements for each program. If you are interested and do not fit well into either of these pathways, we recommend that you explore the Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health and then continue on to the doctoral program if you choose.

Program Highlights

Regardless of the pathway, the core, focus and delivery of the Doctor of Clinical Nutrition remain the same.

  • Offered in a hybrid format
  • Cohort model provides opportunities for group learning and a high level of peer-to-peer support
  • On campus or off-site residency requirement enables you to hone and enhance your clinical skills
  • Academic focus areas include metabolic pathways, biomarkers, detoxification, epigenetics, and nutritional genomics
  • Clinical areas of focus include client assessment, core imbalances and care planning for a wide range of medical conditions
  • Research areas of focus include literature reviews, conducting independent research and publishing in a peer reviewed journal
  • Faculty are primarily doctorate prepared educators, researchers and practitioners with a wide range of professional experiences
  • Academic advisors are doctorate prepared educators, researchers and practitioners who will guide and assist students through the entire program
  • Eligible for federal financial aid
Professional Opportunities

Inter-professional, evidence-informed, patient-centered health care is the prevailing choice for our future. Care must become efficient, effective, and provide a rich and satisfying experience for patients and clients. As an MUIH doctoral graduate, you will be specifically prepared to perform and thrive in this future. You will be recognized as a highly credible health professional and will be positioned at the level of other health professionals with the highest degree in their fields.

You will be prepared to provide leadership in the health and wellness arena, participate in and publish research, and work effectively with clients who have acute and chronic health challenges. You will be able to serve in key positions in a number of health and wellness settings and will provide nutrition counseling and education for individual clients as well as for groups. As a doctoral-prepared clinician, you will also be able to be employed in private and group practices, physician offices, integrative health clinics, governmental agencies, and in higher education.

This terminal degree in the field of integrative and functional nutrition will offer you the widest range of professional opportunities. We fully expect that you will be successful, in demand, and have the opportunity to design your preferred professional future.

Advanced Standing Agreements

Institute for Functional Medicine

Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) Certified Practitioners may be eligible for advanced standing and up to nine credits of course exemption in MUIH’s Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) program. Candidates for this advanced standing should indicate IFM certification at the time of application for admission to MUIH and must provide documentation before approval for advanced standing.

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