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MUIH Research Symposium 2017

On March 24, 2017, students, faculty, and staff gathered for the second annual MUIH Research Symposium, an event that highlights the best of the University’s research and scholarship. Two symposium awards were given and Dr. Michael Tims, Academic Director of Herbal Programs at MUIH, was recognized for winning MUIH’s second annual Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award. Read a recent interview with Dr. Tims and learn more about his innovative work here.

MUIH Research Symposium: An Interview with James Snow

Maryland University of Integrative Health’s Research Symposium is an annual event that highlights the University’s research and scholarship.  We recently interviewed James Snow, M.A., RH (AHG), Assistant Provost for Academic Research and Academic Director for Integrative Health Sciences, about the symposium, the keynote speaker’s research, and the importance of evidence-i

Mindfulness on Capitol Hill: What Happens When A Meditation Expert Visits Congress?

Last month, MUIH's Steffany Moonaz, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Academic Research, returned to Capitol Hill to lead a monthly meditation session for members of Congress and their staffers. This ongoing initiative was developed by Rep. Tim Ryan (OH), a champion of mindfulness and meditation practice. We recently interviewed Dr. Moonaz about her experience, and the importance mindful-based practices in today’s political landscape.

How did you get started facilitating meditation sessions for Congress?

Research Symposium Faculty Research Poster Award Winner: Celeste Homan, M.S., M.Ac., L.Ac.

We interviewed Celeste Homan, M.S., M.Ac., L.Ac., Assistant Professor in the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program and winner of the Faculty Research Poster Award at MUIH’s first Research Symposium, for her study using acupuncture as an alternative treatment for cystic acne. The study not only demonstrates successful symptom treatment, but rather explores critical thinking around patient healing and focuses on treating the whole person, not just a particular symptom.

Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award Winner: Steffany Moonaz, Ph.D., RYT 500

We interviewed Steffany Moonaz, Ph.D., RYT 500, winner of MUIH’s first Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award, for her research on the effects of yoga practice for people with rheumatic diseases.

Maryland University of Integrative Health: Can you give a general overview of your research interests and goals?

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