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Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Welcome IIN Graduates and Students!

Institute for Integrative NutritionThe natural synergy between Maryland University of Integrative Health and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, both dedicated to advancing wellness and shifting health care, has matured into a highly collaborative and beneficial partnership. We are pleased to announce that the two organizations have now entered into a formal academic articulation agreement.

Learn more about MUIH here.

Read the MUIH Guiding Principles and Values here.


Overview of the Articulation Agreement

MUIH, as an accredited graduate school, has carefully reviewed all aspects of IIN’s Health Coach Training Program curriculum and assessment processes. We have determined that IIN graduates have met the learning outcomes consistent with courses in our some of our master’s degrees in order to earn advanced standing.

What this Articulation Agreement Means for You

As an IIN graduate with a bachelor’s degree, you will eligible to apply for one of our approved master’s programs and will be “exempt” from up to six and one half credits of the MUIH coursework. All of these master’s degrees can be completed entirely online and there is a possibility to complete some completely on campus. The “hybrid” options allow you to combine online and on campus formats. We’ll help you find the program and format that works best for you.

MUIH students who enrolled prior to January 2014 and who have successfully completed the IIN Health Coach Training Program may be eligible for advanced standing only for the courses listed below for which they are not currently registered for, have enrolled in, or have already completed the following MUIH graduate programs.

Guaranteed Admission

If you meet all our admission requirements (detailed below), not only will you enter with advanced standing, you’ll actually be guaranteed admission to one of these master’s degrees. We’ll do our best to admit you for the program and the start date that is your first choice and have added new start dates to accommodate IIN graduates. Please know that there is a possibility that demand for some of our programs may exceed available space and we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Master’s Degrees That Honor Your Advanced Standing

Click on to the title of each degree to learn all the details about courses, curriculum, format options, faculty, and more.

Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health

Continue your study of holistic nutrition with a strong foundation in contemporary science and evidence based applied nutrition. Our program considers the physiological, psychological, psychosocial, and cultural aspects of food and healing, and includes whole foods cooking classes, work with nutritional supplements, and mindful eating.

Up to 6.5 credits applied to your advanced standing:

Human Clinical Nutrition or Community Nutrition Education Area of Concentration:
ISCI 632B Foundations of Health and Wellness II 1.5 credits
NUTR 601 Redefining Nutrition 1 credit
NUTR 672 Mindful Eating and Nourishment 2 credits
  Electives 2 credits
Herbal Medicine Area of Concentration:
ISCI 632B Foundations of Health and Wellness II 1.5 credits
NUTR 601 Redefining Nutrition 1 credit

Master of Arts in Health Coaching with an Area of Concentration in Nutrition

Our relevant and current curriculum builds on the IIN modules and includes coursework in evidence-based models of coaching such as motivational interviewing, Prochaska’s change model, positive psychology, immunity to change theory, and the emerging field of brain science. When you concentrate in nutrition, you take nine core credits and then choose six credits in electives based on the area you are most passionate about. The master’s degree provides ICF-approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), a requirement to become an ICF-certified coach.

Total 6 credits applied to your advanced standing:

COA 610 Fundamentals of Health and Wellness Coaching 3 credits
NUTR 601 Redefining Nutrition 1 credit
NUTR 672 Mindful Eating and Nourishment 2 credits

MUIH offers master's degrees and academic certificates in additional areas of study, however they are not included in the articulation agreement and are not eligible for advanced standing.

MUIH Admission Requirements

Because MUIH is a graduate university, to be eligible for consideration you must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by an organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation
  • Submit official transcripts for all degrees completed
  • Include a copy of your IIN certificate from the Health Coach Training Program
  • Submit application fees

Note: No standardized test scores are required for admission. MUIH retains the right to refuse admission based on criminal background.

Financial Aid

All of our academic programs are eligible for federal financial aid and we can help you navigate this process.

Ready to Get Started?

Find the application for admission for the program you're interested in here, and be sure to indicate that you're an IIN grad.

We regularly offer Web Info Sessions for IIN Graduates. Visit Upcoming Events for dates and times and to register.

Visit our webpage for prospective students here.

Email the Office of Graduate Admissions.