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Webinar: What Does a Community Health Educator Do?

Monday, January 22, 2018 - 12:00pm
Claudia Joy Wingo, MPH, PGDipTropMed, BSN, RN, DMH, MNHAA, CN 
Free Event
Jan 22, 2018 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Join us to learn more about Community Health and how it is related to Health Promotion.

Public and Community Health is a large and continuously evolving field that works with the communities to manage or prevent disease and promote wellness. Community health education programs can occur in a variety of settings, from schools, to recreation centers, to homeless shelters, to churches or even at local markets. During this webinar, you will get a better understanding of what community health is, how health education programs can be set up in the community, and how you can use a degree in community health. 

If you are interested in Public Health, Health Education, Community Health, or Health Promotion, please join us to get all of your questions answered. We will also briefly touch on the Masters of Science in Health Promotion MUIH offers with a concentration in Community Health or Worksite Wellness.

Claudia Joy Wingo, MPH, PGDipTropMed, BSN, RN, DMH, MNHAA, CN is Program Director, Health Promotion, practicing Clinical Herbalist, RN, Certified Naturalist and Public Health Educator. She completed a Master in Public Health in 2012 at James Cook University, Australia and was a senior lecturer in Advanced Herbalism and Nutrition at Australasian College for Natural Therapies in Sydney. She is currently Head of Education on the Executive Board of the National Herbalist Association of Australia. Claudia’s interest in health, nutrition, and herbalism has a long history. Following a Chef’s apprenticeship, she studied medical botany in Israel and Australia, receiving Diplomas in herbalism and nutrition. She then trained as an RN and worked in Outback Australia, Central America, PNG & Bangladesh. Claudia was core faculty, then Clinical Chair & Clinic Director in the MSci of Herbal Medicine program at Tai Sophia 2001 – 2008 and was adjunct faculty at University of MD’s CAM program. She has been a practicing herbalist and health educator since 1981.

Note: Time is Eastern Standard Time.