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Season's Bounty Salad

This Mediterranean-influenced dish was created by nutrition students Eva El-Khatib, Becky Mears, and Megan Ántoni Placa in their Whole Foods Cooking Lab focused on raw food. A masterpiece that nourishes on all levels, the flavor is tangy without being bitter and includes the best of what the spring season has to offer...a true medley! 

For the Salad:

Berry Beet Smoothie

Although all the seasons are important, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t revel in all the benefits of spring! This recipe from Nutrition & Integrative Health student Jessica Waller will help you kick off the season with a smoothie that has that “spring” feeling. Nutrient-rich beet juice is blended with bright, energizing ingredients like carrots, blueberries, pineapple, and baby greens, to help you feel refreshed and revitalized!

Makes 2 20-ounce smoothies

1 1/2 cups frozen organic blueberries*

1 cup frozen organic pineapple*

Spring Basket Salad

Spring means celebrating the return of fresh flavors straight from the farmer’s market or garden! This colorful salad recipe features unique flavors such as violet vinegar, golden beets, and burdock root, and is sure to liven up your table with a bright celebration of the spring season. 

Recipe courtesy of Eleonora Gafton, MS, CNS, LDN, CHHC, Cooking Lab Manager and Adjunct Faculty of Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Serves 4


Sweet Pea Guacamole

There are many ultimate appetizers to delight in for just about every season of a sport or event. But not every food receives its own national day and leaves the world captivated like this green goodness. While the trick to making perfect guacamole will always be using good, ripe avocados, adding green peas makes it low-fat, equally delicious and the brightest hue of green! When you need a healthy alternative to fatty dips and cheeses, check out this twist by MUIH Nutrition student Ruth Abate, MS.


Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Recipe by Elizabeth Herbert, MS, Clinical Nutrition Intern

Adapted from a recipe from

As the weather gets cooler, it’s so much more tempting to turn to our favorite comfort foods. Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? Before you pick up the phone to call your favorite delivery spot, know that there’s a way to enjoy the classics without any of the guilt! Cue this delicious gluten free take on the classic margherita pizza.


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