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Marc Levin Discusses vision for MUIH with EvoLLLution

MUIH President and CEO, Marc Levin, shared his exciting and transformative vision for the University in a recent interview with The EvoLLLution.

In this interview, President Levin expands on the opportunities and challenges before MUIH and reflects on how institutions must evolve to serve the emerging needs of their professional and regional communities and the people whom they serve and represent.

MUIH Welcomes Incoming September Students

We’re so excited to welcome our new students! As MUIH continues to grow, so too does the diversity of our student population.

The 183 incoming students represent 29 U.S. states, joining us as far away as Alaska and as close as Columbia, Md. Their professional backgrounds span a wide number of fields, including health care, education and the military. Among them, their professions include a cake decorator, travel blogger, girls’ lacrosse referee, and a small farm manager.

Research Day Winner: Jason Bosley-Smith on MBSR for Cancer Patients

We interviewed Jason Bosley-Smith, winner of the President’s Award at this year’s Research Day for his research poster on using mindfulness-based stress reduction to alleviate emesis, nausea, and food aversion among cancer treatment patients.

1. Can you share some details about your research project and what sparked your interest exploring mindfulness-based stress reduction as a strategy for improving food tolerance and reducing nausea among cancer patients?

Major Changes Underway at the Meeting Point Café and Bookstore

If you’ve been on campus lately, you’ve likely noticed some major changes to the Meeting Point café and bookstore. We recently caught up with Sam Lucas, the Meeting Point’s manager, to get the details on upgrades to seating options, changes to the menu, and what’s in store for the café in 2014.

Sam, can you talk a little bit about your background and what brought you to MUIH?

Inspiring Interview with New Acupuncture Patient Ginger Shekell

Back in October, Ginger Shekell left a message on MUIH’s Facebook page raving about the acupuncture treatments she’d been receiving at MUIH’s Natural Care Center from her student practitioner, Angela Becker.

So we decided to reach out to Ginger and learn more about what she thought of her acupuncture treatments at MUIH. What she shares in her inspiring interview is nothing short of amazing.

MUIH Student Holly Chittum Travels to China to Visit Ginseng Farms and Give Presentation at Changchun University

Last month we interviewed Holly Chittum, a candidate for an M.S. in Therapeutic Herbalism and winner of the President’s Award for her research poster at this year’s MUIH Research Day for her research on American ginseng cultivation, sustainability and marketability in the U.S. and China.

Interview with Holly Chittum, Winner of President’s Award at MUIH Research Day

We interviewed Holly Chittum, winner of the President’s Award for her research poster at this year’s Research Day. She discusses her research on American ginseng and explains why more research needs to be done in the herbal field.


Can you share some details about your research project and what sparked your interest in American ginseng?

Using Chinese Medicine for Treating Depression and Anxiety

Associate Professor Heidi Most describes how, from a Chinese medicine perspective, “depression and anxiety can be understood as a disturbance to the shen, roughly translated as our spirit.” Most explains in this interview how acupuncture, herbs, dietary therapy, qi gong, and tai chi are all useful for treating depression and anxiety.  

Broadly speaking, how can Chinese medicine help address issues related to depression and anxiety?

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