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Recent Additions to the Library Collection

Thu. May 30, 2013
Recent additions to the collection at the Sherman Cohn Library, beginning April 2, 2013

Bolner, Myrtle (2004). The Research Process: Books and Beyond.

Bone, Kerry (2013). Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy, 2nd ed.

Brown, Judith (1997). Nutrition and Pregnancy: A Complete Guide From Preconception to Post-delivery. [eBook]

Costin, Carolyn (1999). Eating Disorder Sourcebook: A Comprehensive Guide to the Causes, Treatments, and Prevention of Eating Disorders. [eBook]

Dyer, Wayne (2009). The Shift. [DVD ]

Fauci, ed. (2006). Harrison's Rheumatology.

Gilford, Dorothy (1988). Aging Population In the Twenty-first Century: Statistics for Health Policy. [eBook]

Homan, Celeste (2013). Theory: Advanced Modes of Integration: ACP718 class given April 29, 2013. [audio CD]

Homan, Celeste (2013). Theory: Introduction to the Primary Meridians: ACP718 class given on May 6, 2013. [audio CD]

Jennes, Fred (2008). Herb Toxicities and Drug Interactions: A Formula Approach. [eBook]

Kohlstadt, Ingrid, ed. (2009). Food and Nutrients In Disease Management.

Lu, Nan (2012). Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine: conference in Chantilly VA, October 2012. [mp3 files, audio CD]

Millstone, Erik (2003). The Atlas of Food: Who Eats What, Where, and Why?

Notbohm, Ellen (2005). Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew.

Ottoboni, Alice (2002). The Modern Nutritional Diseases: Heart Disease, Stroke, Type l-2 Diabetes, Cancer: and How to Prevent Them.

Shadyac, Tom (2011). I Am. [DVD]

Scott, Ian (2005). Statistics for Health Care Professionals, an Introduction. [eBook]

Teitel, Martin (1999). Genetically Engineered Foods: Changing the Nature of Nature: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Planet. [eBook]

Uchino, Bert (2004). Social Support and Physical Health: Understanding the Consequences of Relationships. [eBook]

Woo Myung (2012). Stop Living In This Land: Go To the Everlasting World of Happiness, Live There Forever.