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Curriculum & Course Descriptions


Core Credits
33.5 Required Credits

Number Course Title Credits Format
HRB 600 Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine 3.0  
HRB 605 Materia Medica I 3.0  
HRB 620A Herbal Therapeutics I 3.0  
HRB 620B Herbal Therapeutics II 3.0  
HRB 622 Herbal Pharmacy 3.0  
HRB 654B Herbal Pharmacy and Phytochemistry 3.0  
HRB 705 Materia Medica II 3.0  
HRB 790 E-Portfolio: Introduction 0.5  
HRB 791 E-Portfolio: Final 0.5  
ISCI 547A Physiology I: Healthy Function 3.0  
ISCI 610B Introduction to Scientific Writing 1.5  
ISCI 631 Introduction to Complementary and Integrative Health 1.5  
ISCI 632B Foundations of Health and Wellness II 1.5  
ISCI 701 Intro Statistics, Research Design & Info Literacy in Integrative Health 3.0  
MUIH 550 Academic Research and Scholarship 0.0  

Choose 1.0 of the following credits:

HRB 635A Field Trip/Nature Intensive 1.0
HRB 635C Field Botany for Herbalists 1.0
Clinical Herbalism Concentration

18.5 Required Credits

 Number Course Title Credits Format
APP 607 Introduction to Healing Presence 1.0 Online
HRB 713B Clinical Roundtable 1.5 Online
HRB 715 Orientation Retreat 1.0 Campus
HRB 722 Faculty Supervised Clinic  1.0 Online
HRB 722B Faculty Supervised Clinic II 1.0 Online
HRB 722C Faculty Supervised Clinic III 1.0  
HRB 723C Applied Therapeutics: Clinical Assessment, Goals and Plans 0.5  
HRB 735A Clinical Theory in Practice I 2.0 Online
HRB 735B Clinical Theory in Practice II 2.0 Online
HRB 740 Models of Herbal Practice 1.0 Online
HRB 753B Applied Therapeutics: Case Studies 2.0 Online
HRB 780 Professional Project Elective 0.5  
IHM 664 Practice Management 1.0 Online
ISCI 647b Physiology II: Movement Away from Health 3.0 Online

Total Program Credits with Clinical Herbalism Concentration: 52.0



Herbal Product Design Concentration

8.5 Required Credits

 Number Course Title Credits Format
HRB 650 Professional Career Trajectory 0.5 Online
HRB 690 Internship 0.5 Online
HRB 793 Final Project Development 2.5 Online
Choose 3.0 of these credits:
HRB 641 Safety of Botanical Medicine 3.0 Online
HRB 642 Dispensary Practices and Quality Assessment 3.0 Online
Choose at least 2.0 of these credits:
HRB 633 Medicinal Plants and Cultures 2.0 Campus
HRB 635B Field Trip/Industry Intensive 1.0 Online
HRB 635C Field Botany for Herbalists** 1.0  

Total Program Credits with Herbal Product Design Concentration: 42.0

**HRB 635C may only be completed once. If selected as part of the core credits, students in the Herbal Product Design concentration must make other course selections.

American Herbalists Guild Supervisory Mentoring Program

Through an articulation agreement with the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), students in the Master of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism with area of concentration in Clinical Herbalism have the opportunity to earn clinical hours by enrolling in the AHG Supervisory Mentoring Program. Through this program, students will be mentored and supervised by AHG Registered Herbalists as they work with clients, either in person or through the use of technology. The experiences and hours then articulate into .5 to 1.5 required academic credits.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.