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Fri. November 16, 2018
On November 10, 2018, MUIH students and alumni gathered with area employers and professional associations in the health and wellness field for the first-ever MUIH Career Fair. The event, hosted by the MUIH Career Center, took place simultaneously on MUIH’s main campus as well as virtually for online students and out-of-town attendees. Read more
Fri. November 16, 2018
There are three primary approaches to Ayurveda, the first being ahara. Ahara focuses on a basic physical, or “constitutional” analysis of visual cues including a tongue, nail, and facial analysis, as well as approaches to health and well-being that focus on cooking, food, and culinary spices. Read more
Wed. November 14, 2018
As the health and wellness coaching field has evolved, the number of choices has expanded for health, health and wellness, and/or wellness coach training programs, offered also by non-accredited organizations. Accredited and non-accredited programs are delivered in different formats—online, in-person, or hybrid. Here are some factors for you to consider when choosing a program that gets your health and wellness coaching career off to a good start. Read more
Tue. November 13, 2018
Healthcare is changing, and accompanying that change is a renewed interest in the power of food to maintain health and wellness. As this interest increases, there is a need for individuals who understand the vital and interrelated physiological, environmental, socio-cultural, and spiritual roles of food in our lives. Read more
Mon. November 12, 2018
Now more than ever acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) is poised to play a significant role in the larger healthcare arena. This movement to include AOM is captured by recent developments in the governing bodies that guide how medicine is offered and reimbursed within in the U.S. and throughout the world. Read more
Mon. October 29, 2018
University’s Advancement team accepts award for outstanding strategic public relations in brochure design. Read more
Tue. October 23, 2018
The priority deadline for the January 2019 trimester is November 1st, 2018. Once this date has passed, the Office of Graduate Admissions will continue to accept applications, but there will be an increased application fee. We strongly encourage you to submit your application on, or before the deadline in order to avoid the increased application fee. Read more
Thu. August 16, 2018
Visit this page to begin the application process.  Read more
Wed. August 01, 2018
Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH), a national leader in the education and practice of natural medicine, announced today that it has signed an articulation agreement with The George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS). Read more