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Is MUIH Losing Its Accreditation?

MUIH is an institution committed to continuous improvement, as reflected in its foundational principles and values and its participation in regional and programmatic accreditation activities. MUIH welcomes the accreditation process because it provides valuable external feedback on what we are doing that helps us prioritize our work and further foster a culture of continuous improvement.

In 2017 MUIH engaged in a self-reflective process that culminated in submission of its Periodic Review Report to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). This is a standard process and reporting required of all institutions accredited by MSCHE. As a result of the report, the Commission has asked MUIH to document our "development and implementation of comprehensive, organized, systematized, and sustained processes that assess student learning relative to clearly articulated student learning outcomes by students in all programs and relevant with the institution’s mission (Standard V);" and "(2) development and implementation of a planning process based on its mission and vision, informed by assessment data and linked to its budgeting process."  MUIH has two years from the date this started to provide the requested information. 

MUIH is grateful for the feedback it received from the MSCHE reviewers and has fully embraced their suggestions. As a school that has just recently received University status MUIH is still putting such integrated planning, budget, assessment, and documentation systems in place and maturing those which have already been established. MUIH has made tremendous strides in the last sixteen months in these areas. This was fully documented and reported to MSCHE in September 2018 and will be shared additionally with the MSCHE review team when it visits campus in October. Even before the MSCHE review in 2017 and continuing through this year several improvements have been made in the assessment of student learning. MUIH has enhanced its integrated planning, budget, and assessment processes with the development of annual "Action Plans" tied to the budget, improved reports, and the hiring of a director of institutional effectiveness to help assess and document the institutions progress, among several additional enhancements. 

MUIH looks forward to the upcoming MSCHE site visit and engaging in dialogue with the members of the visiting team. We look forward to their feedback on any need for further improvements, which is always likely given the complexity of a contemporary university. MUIH will fold the team’s feedback into its plans for the coming year as part of the second year of the two-year period that MSCHE has allotted for MUIH to make the needed adjustments.