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Holistic Herbcraft Plant Spirit Medicine Series

Saturday, June 01, 2019 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
The Green Farmacy Garden

Our well-being is like a vascular web connecting all parts of a great tree-- and each person's trees is unique. To really affect change we need to radicalize our thinking. We need to start at the roots and find what is out of balance, and track how those imbalances affect other aspects of our root and branch system. We have to look at the person as a whole being, not as a sum of individual symptoms. Learning to employ your intuition to make the best choices is a crucial step in the healing process. These skills are greatly undervalued in the world, yet so crucial to practicing holistically, and separating them from didactic learning or clinical practice undermines our efficacy. This course will instill in you the skills and practice needed to employ this wide-angle intuitive view of health and healing.

Join Christy Anna Rose and Weaver Foxglove at The Green Farmacy Garden to go deep with the plants in the traditions of our ancestors. The curriculum comprises the core concepts of plant spirit medicine and will include instruction on: vibrational essences, intuitive development, plant identification, plant care, growing habits and conditions of various plants, harvesting and ethical wildcrafting, systems of the body, herbal actions, accessibility medicine, cultural respect and mindfulness, activism and herbcraft. You will also receive introductory instruction on medicine making, herbal first aid, herbal folklore and ancestral healing traditions, herbal energetics, affordable herbcraft, and complementary practices and their role in holistic health.