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Herbal Exploratorium

Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
The Green Farmacy Garden

Come join us for an afternoon in the garden. Together we'll explore ways to identify, eat, wear and preserve herbs for pleasure and practicality.


  • Capture the exuberant life energy of a plant's seductive side by making a flower essence
  • Craft and enjoy a cocktail or mocktail with our fruit and herbal shrub
  • Select herbs from the garden by touch and smell to personalize your tea
  • Relax and renew with an herbal steam or foot soak
  • Make and take home a jewelweed salve to prevent poison ivy rash
  • And of course you're welcome to participate in any of the activities offered for children as well!


  • Learn how to find and identify some common edible weeds you can snack for the rest of your life wherever you go, and others that can instantly treat a bug bite or bee sting
  • Create visual art by rubbing (or drawing!) a fern, flower, or leaf from our garden
  • Tour the woods and garden to collect flowers for a bouquet for yourself or a loved one
  • Plant a seed to take home and nurture through its life cycle
  • Make herbal snack balls for medicine/ dessert
  • Meet Stellaria, the Chickweed Fairy, and listen to her story
  • Taste an herbal soda made onsite with a fruit and herb shrub