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Integrating Health: A Wellness Blog

Thu. October 27, 2016
It is with tremendous sadness that we share news of the recent death of Robert “Bob” M. Duggan, co-founder and President Emeritus of Tai Sophia Institute, now Maryland University of Integrative Health. Bob was a true pioneer in the field of integrative health and an assertive voice for wellness in America. Though he will be missed, his legacy will thrive through all those he touched. Read more
Fri. October 07, 2016
Karen Soltes explores iRest® Yoga Nidra as a tool for dealing with anxiety. iRest is a research-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that helps individuals deal with difficult emotions and beliefs by reconnecting with their deep, innate sense of wholeness and essential well-being that remains untouched by life’s events and circumstances. Read more
Mon. October 03, 2016
As the weather gets cooler, it’s so much more tempting to turn to our favorite comfort foods. Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? Before you pick up the phone to call your favorite delivery spot, know that there’s a way to enjoy the classics without any of the guilt! Cue this delicious gluten free take on the classic margherita pizza by MUIH Clinical Nutrition Intern Elizabeth Herbert. Read more
Fri. September 09, 2016
With school back in session and work plugging along, it can be hard to manage all the different tasks and activities life throws. MUIH Health and Wellness Coaching ambassador Sherry Leikin shares three effective actions you can take to keep your feet on the ground, your vision bright and clear, and any new experiences you take on joyful ones. Read more
Wed. September 07, 2016
This Mediterranean salad recipe by MUIH Clinical Nutrition Intern Elizabeth Herbert combines quinoa with olives, cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, and feta cheese to provide great flavor as well as make it gluten free. Quinoa is a complete protein, making it a delicious and easy addition to any diet trying to include enough protein during the day. Read more
Wed. August 17, 2016
Michael Phelps and other Olympic athletes have been proudly sporting distinctive purple bruises in Rio, which has brought new attention to an ancient Chinese medicine technique called “cupping.” In this article, our faculty explain the basic tenants behind the practice, how it works, and why it’s important to see a qualified professional for best results. Read more
Thu. August 11, 2016
Though we are in the dead of heat now, summer has been flying by and the crisp air of fall will be upon us soon. In preparation for the summer season peak, we sat down to chat with Andrea Miller, a student in the Master of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism program and the new gardener in the herb garden at MUIH. Andrea shared her knowledge with us about what’s in season, what we should plant now in preparation for cooler months, and what some of her best practices for gardening include. Read more
Tue. August 02, 2016
Growing seasonal vegetables at home can make it easier to meet your health goals. Vegetables like heirloom tomatoes are traditional vegetables that have maintained their original, or non-hybridized, plant DNA. This recipe by MUIH Nutrition Intern Trina Cobbler, MS, highlights the robust garden flavor of the heirloom tomato to create a respectable marinara sauce seasoned with classic Italian herbs and spices. Read more
Mon. July 11, 2016
Much of the recent dialogue on food centers on the Standard American Diet, processed food, and its increasing correlation to developing disease in the human body. The newest gallery exhibit in the Himmelfarb Gallery, “Raw to Processed,” explores the relationship of food to our health, and the nature of exactly what our food has become. Read more
Mon. July 11, 2016
With the summer heat building, you may be dreaming of delicious foods and cool breezes on Mediterranean coasts. No need to travel for fresh, crisp flavors, though. This simple baba ghanoush recipe by MUIH Cooking Lab Manager Eleanora Gafton will bring the taste of the Mediterranean to you. Read more