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Alumni Information Update Form

Please use this form to update your home or business contact information, and to share updates through alumni publications. Not all sections are required.

Fields with a * are required.

Month and year
Month and year
If you do not specify a preference, the year in which you received your first degree or certificate will be used.
Home Contact Information
Type your preferred email address for MUIH communications.
Find a Practitioner Database
The "Find a Practitioner" search tool is designed to promote our graduates as health professionals and to help people find our highly-regarded alumni who practice nearby. We recommend that you use your business contact information because this list is published on the MUIH website for public access.
If you would like to adjust or add multiple listings, please fill out the form again.
Class Notes
News you include below may be published in alumni newsletters and the MUIH blog. Please share your recent career, practice, and life accomplishments. We reserve the right to edit for length and style.