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Satisfactory Academic Progress

MUIH, in accordance with Federal Title IV Student Financial Aid regulations, has guidelines for all students regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Student progress will be monitored from the first trimester of their enrollment in each program, to ensure minimum SAP requirements are met in order to maintain financial aid eligibility. Students who do not meet SAP requirements may lose their eligibility to receive financial aid and may result in the requirement for recipients of financial aid to repay all or some of the aid they received. The Federal Financial Aid requirements on SAP have two components: (1) a qualitative measure, and (2) a quantitative measure.

It is important to note that separate from the policy outlined herein for financial aid purposes, the Office of Academic Affairs conducts reviews of student academic performance in accordance with Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) standards. Please refer to Section 2: Academic Enrollment Policies in the Academic Catalog for details about academic performance standards and related sanctions.

Since MUIH does not use a traditional GPA model, the University will measure the percentage of successfully completed courses to the total number of courses attempted (by the student) to comply with the qualitative measure. All communications will be made electronically, unless otherwise noted.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Requirements

  • Maintain a successful course completion rate of at least 50% (calculation based upon credit count);
  • Maintain the necessary pace for completion within the maximum timeframe (MTF); and
  • Meet student specific requirements set forth by the Academic Department, the Office of Financial Aid and an Academic Advisor (when applicable).

To see additional details of this policy, including measurement standards, definitions, academic standards, the consequences of not meeting the academic or financial aid SAP policy, view Section 2: Academic Enrollment Policies in the Academic Catalog.