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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is online learning right for me?

A. We find that almost anyone can have a rewarding and successful experience with online courses. Online learners report that they appreciate being able to:

  • Experience a sense of command over their learning experience
  • Develop discipline and time management skills
  • Pace their coursework according to changing personal demands
  • Create a flexible, individualized study schedule
  • Balance school, family, and career
  • Have access to faculty and receive personalized communication
  • Enjoy getting to know all of their classmates, individually and as a group

Q: How does the quality of online courses compare to on-campus courses?

A: Our online courses are held to the same rigorous standards as our on-campus courses with our academic administrators and faculty providing full oversight. Fully online courses have the same learning outcomes are those offered as on-campus courses and incorporate many of the same resources and assignments.

When taking an online course, students receive the same quality instruction and interaction as you would in a classroom, just in an asychronous environment. For example, instead of discussing lecture topics in the classroom, students discuss coursework online in a group activity. Videos, power points, and interactive media enable students to learn in a number of ways and usually allow them to view the material more than once. Instructors set due dates for coursework and expect the same commitment to the class as students would have in an on-campus course. Self-discipline is a must to ensure deadlines for assignments are met.

A degree earned online from Maryland University of Integrative Health carries the same prestige and credibility as a degree earned on campus. There is no distinction on the MUIH transcript between online and on-campus courses.

Q: How does the “essence” of a unique school like MUIH come through with online courses?

A: Maryland University of Integrative Health is known for our transformative style of teaching, and all our online courses are designed to incorporate that philosophy. Our faculty have worked side-by-side with highly skilled instructional designers to develop online courses that are interactive, innovative, and creative. There have been many conversations about how to build a sense of unity for online faculty and students, how to present concepts such as “healing presence” in online courses, and how to honor each student’s special qualities and learning needs. We fully believe that, with this thoughtfulness and commitment, the MUIH academic and community experience will be translated to an online environment.

Q. Will I be required to participate on certain days and times of day?

A: Almost all of the classes in our programs are asynchronous which means that you can access them within Canvas at any time and from any place. Due dates for all assignments are clearly stated. On occasion, a class may offer a webinar or phone conference call at an agreed upon time so that the entire class may work together. If you are unable to attend, the classroom experience will be archived for your viewing at a later time that week.

Q: If I choose an online program, will I be able to attend some classes on campus?

A. You are always welcome on campus. Your advisor can work with you to determine which courses in your program are available in an on-campus format and arrange for you to participate. 

Q. What kind of support will online students be given?

A. 24/7 technology support is available through the Canvas Help Desk found in the top right hand corner after you've logged in. From the Help screen, students and faculty can contact the Canvas Support Hotline at 844-414-5052, chat with Canvas support, access the Canvas guides, and report problems. Additionally, the Office of Digital Learning is available to provide support for students and faculty to maximize success in the online environment.

Q: Will I need to be very “tech savvy” or own special equipment to participate in online programs?

A: If you can browse the internet or use email, you’ll probably be quite comfortable with our online courses. Many students have told us that, after just a few days, they’ve mastered the simple processes needed to be successful. Most computers today are perfectly suitable for our online learning platform. See specific technical requirements here.

Q: What is a Canvas Classroom?

A. All on-campus classes have a Canvas Classroom, the online course component available for classes in which instruction takes place face-to-face. The Canvas Classroom supports on-campus instruction in a variety of ways; faculty members will let you know how Canvas Classroom resources will be used in your on-campus course.

Q:When will I gain access to my course in Canvas?

A:Students will be able to access their Online Courses seven (7) days before the start of the course. We recommend that you use this time to familiarize yourself with the syllabus and purchase any textbooks or course materials, if required. Your faculty member will be available on the first day of the class.

Q: Is there a difference in tuition for online courses?

A: Tuition is exactly the same. All enrolled students, online and on-campus, pay a $125/trimester university fee.

Q: Are online learning options eligible for federal financial aid?

A: Yes, just as with our on-campus programs.

For more information about the use and navigation of Canvas at MUIH visit the MUIH Student Canvas Orientation to Canvas.

Q: How is my identity and privacy guaranteed while I take courses at MUIH?

A:MUIH takes seriously our responsibility to insure the integrity of our learning environment and protect the privacy of our student and faculty data and academic information. MUIH employs a variety of strategies to do this.

To ensure security of your Canvas login credentials all MUIH communications and password reset links are sent via your secure MUIH Email. If you need to reset the Password for your MUIH email please contact To further verify student identity within each of our Canvas courses MUIH deploys the “Canvas Authentication Tool”. You will find information about this Tool within your Canvas classroom. This verification information will be used only to authenticate your identity for class assignments. No student responses to authentication questions will ever be stored or shared with any organization, firm, or institution, whether private or public.