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Academic Records & Transcripts

Transcript Requests

As of April 1, 2019 MUIH, will only release official transcripts. Transcripts are processed at a fee of $5 per transcript. Current students wishing to obtain a copy of their unofficial transcript, may do so via the Data Portal under “Graduation Applications and Transcripts”.

Transcript Request Form PDF

Name and ID Changes

  • Change of Contact Information Form PDF
  • Change of Name Form PDF
  • Consent to Release Educational Records PDF
  • Photo Id Replacement Card PDF

Diploma Replacement

A replacement diploma may be ordered when the original diploma has been lost or destroyed. A $50 fee will apply. The replacement diploma bears a re-issue date and the signatures of current University officials. The diplomas of alumni who graduated when the institution was named Traditional Acupuncture Institute or Tai Sophia Institute will have their replacement diplomas re-issued under the same name. 

Replacement Diploma Order Form PDF

Enrollment Verification & Definitions

Enrollment verification is often needed when students apply for insurance discounts, financial loans, credit cards, employee tuition reimbursement, and for other purposes.

Enrollment verifications will be based on students’ enrolled credits at the time the verification request is processed. Requests for enrollment verification should be made to the Office of the Registrar by email or fax. The request must include the semester to be verified, any specifications needed, and an address to mail the request, if applicable. Requests will be processed within 72 hours.


  • Less than Half-time Status – Students enrolled in fewer than 3 credits within a trimester.
  • Half-time Enrollment Status – Students enrolled in courses totaling at least 3 credits within a trimester.
  • Full-time Enrollment Status – Students enrolled in courses totaling 6 credits or more within a trimester.
  • Inactive Status – Students enrolled in a program and not registered for courses within a trimester. Inactive status will affect financial aid eligibility. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits per trimester (half-time status) to maintain financial aid eligibility.

Grading in Academic Courses

Maryland University of Integrative Health’s Grading in Academic Courses policy consists of four primary course grading options: Pass (P), Fail (F), Withdraw (W), and Incomplete (I). The course grade of Pass (P) denotes satisfactory work or better. Generally, the cumulative work for the course must be assessed at a minimum of 80% of the maximum possible score to be deemed satisfactory and receive a P grade for the course. MUIH equates the grade of Pass (P) to a minimum course GPA of 3.0.

There are no course GPAs or cumulative GPA reflected on students’ transcript. Upon request, the Registrar’s office will provide students and graduates with letters on MUIH letterhead regarding MUIH’s grading policy. Such letters may be used by students and graduates for graduate school and employment applications. Letters indicating that the course grade of Pass (P) is equivalent to a minimum course GPA of 3.0 will be provided for any student and graduate.