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Online Offerings

The Office of Professional and Continuing Education is pleased to provide a wide variety of online offerings to advance your skills and credentials. Below is a list of our current offerings, which are continually being expanded. Stay up-to-date about our latest online offerings by signing up for our mailing list or by requesting more information directly from  

We invite you to explore and enroll in all of our online offerings here!

Current Online Offerings:

A Functional Medicine Approach to Hypothyroidism Masterclass

Acupuncture & Lymphedema Precautions

Ayurveda Masterclass Package

Ayurveda: Eat Right for the Seasons

Balancing the Microbiome Masterclass Series

Communications & Collaborations in Healthcare

Evidence Informed Practice in the Ancient Healing Arts

Finding the Research for Evidence-based Practice

Foundations of Evidence-Based Research

Integrative Health Scholar Library

An Introduction to Bacteriophage Therapy Masterclass

MUIH Lecture Series: Health Disparities

ND Track: 2018 MUIH Nutrition Symposium

Nutrition Track: 2018 MUIH Nutrition Symposium

2018 Nutrition Symposium: Nutritional Genomics

Placebo Effects & the Therapeutic Relationship

PTSD in Client Relationships

Primary Research Evidence Appraisal

Professional Certificate - Evidence-Based Research and Informed Practice

Secondary Research Appraisal and Applications

The Human Microbiome in Health Masterclass

The Microbiome and Cardiometabolic Disease Masterclass

The Microbiome and Mental Health Masterclass

The Philosophy & Science of Wellbeing Masterclass

Understanding Study Results

Utlizing Food & Lifestyle to Enhance the Microbiome

What is Ayurveda?