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Curriculum & Course Descriptions


Throughout this program, students will integrate therapeutic knowledge with the clinical skills needed to work with individual clients. In addition to analyzing a variety of teaching case studies, the primary learning tool will be the clinic experience itself. The hands-on experience during students’ clinical internship in the Natural Care Center will build their practice using a variety of on- and off-site options, as well as individual and group work. Parts of the program will allow students to train at a distance, where they will focus on learning to facilitate group sessions and to understand the factors that influence successful models of practice in community settings. Student clinical interns can expect to develop specialized areas in their practice.

Course of Study

 Code  Title  Credits Format
APP 607 Introduction to Healing Presence 1.0  
HRB 713B Clinical Round Table 1.5  Online
HRB 715 Orientation Retreat 1.0  
HRB 720B Faculty Supervised Clinic 1.5  Campus
HRB 722A Faculty Supervised Clinic 1.0  
HRB 723C Applied Therapeutics: Clinical Assessment 0.5  
HRB 735C Clinical Skills 4.0  Online
HRB 740 Innovative Models of Herbal Practice 1.0  
HRB 753B Applied Therapeutics: Case Studies 2.0  Online
IHM 664 Practice Management for Herbalists 1.5  Online
  Total Program Credits 15.0  

American Herbalists Guild Supervisory Mentoring Program

Through an articulation agreement with the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), students in the Post-Master’s Certificate in Clinical Herbalism have the opportunity to earn clinical hours by enrolling in the AHG Supervisory Mentoring Program. Through this program, students will be mentored and supervised by AHG Registered Herbalists as they work with clients, either in person or through the use of technology. The experiences and hours then articulate into .5 to 1.5 required academic credits.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.