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Objectives & Outcomes

Educational Objectives

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Articulate the assumptions and foundational concepts inherent in both a wellness-based and disease-based model of health care
  • Merge modern scientific knowledge with traditional wisdom to demonstrate an integrated understanding of the use of herbs
  • Integrate organoleptic assessment of herbs with the fundamentals of microscopic and phytochemical analysis to understand the issues involved in herbal quality control
  • Integrate traditional and modern perspectives to assess and identify herbal safety concerns ranging from toxicology to herb-drug interactions
  • Combine traditional wisdom with evidence from pharmacological research and clinical trials, and develop a balanced, realistic understanding of the efficacy of approximately 30 primary herbs

Program Outcomes

The program will enable students to:

  • Help patients understand and differentiate between the application of herbs in a wellness-based and disease-based model of healthcare
  • Contextualize isolated herbal research or traditional uses within a broader body of knowledge, allowing for a balanced assessment of clinical relevance and safety concerns
  • Thoroughly describe the safe and appropriate use of a limited number of herbs as dietary supplements within the framework of modern health care
  • Identify and harvest local herbs in the field, recognize raw materials, and manufacture herbal and food preparations