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Curriculum & Course Descriptions


During the certificate program students will begin their immersion in traditional and evidenced-based knowledge. At the same time, a new model for integrative healthcare will be introduced, one that focuses on wellness and supporting human resilience Students will deepen their knowledge of Materia Medica, or how to use plants for healing, and learn how to make quality herbal products for home use. 

Course of Study

12 Required Credits 
Number Course Title Credits
HRB 600 Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine 3.0
HRB 605 Materia Medica I 3.0
HRB 622 Herbal Pharmacy 3.0
ISCI 631 Introduction to Complementary and Integrative Health 1.5
IHED 637 Principles and Practices of Health Behavior and Self-Care 1.5
MUIH 550 Academic Research and Scholarship 0.0
Total Program Credits 12.0

1 This program requires several academic writing assignments. Students who are not confident in their ability to summarize information from other writers or write clear and effective paragraphs are strongly encouraged to take ISCI 510a.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.