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Gabby Tucci

Gabby Tucci

Oriental Medicine


“Knowing the history, power, and the future of this medicine excites me. Acupuncture is not only about needles and the body and the relationship between the two. It is about healing and teaching others their own strength to heal.”

What drew you to MUIH?

The very first time I went to an open house at MUIH I knew that whatever I had to do, I had to be part of this community. The initial contact I had with those greeting me and leading the sessions were friendly and inviting. There was something special that was present at MUIH that I could not put a word to and now I believe it is the positive and fruitful energy that continues to nurture those who open the doors. This was the type of environment that I wanted to be a part of and that would foster me in my journey to being a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

What excited you about your academic field?

Everything. Knowing the history, power, and the future of this medicine is what excites me. I believe whole-heartedly in this medicine and knowing that I will be able to be a practitioner is a dream I have had for about 10 years. Acupuncture is not only about needles and the body and the relationship between the two. This medicine is about healing and teaching others their own strength to heal and the closeness of all of us as we draw closer to Oneness. The beauty of this medicine is that is can be part of anyone, no matter what. It is a medicine based on relationships and community, and rich in love, kindness, and service to others.

Has there been a course you’ve particularly enjoyed?

Two courses really stand out to me. First is my SOPHIA (School of Philosophy and Healing in Action) class with Stacey MacFarlane and Jefferson Breland where I felt that my world was picked up and turned upside down in the best way possible. It was as if I was in an English-speaking foreign language class where there were new rules that made complete sense and made the world a bigger place. I learned so much about myself and my relationships with my classmates and other friends in the world. This class has prepared me for every class here on out and most importantly for life onward. I wish everyone in the world could take SOPHIA as I believe it would make the world a peaceful place.

History class with Mardi Campbell was the best class I have ever taken in my entire educational career. Mardi has a way with students where she is able to connect and the material is retained and becomes relevant in your everyday life. The lessons I learned in her class I carry close to my heart. I felt so connected to the ancestors of Chinese medicine and their spirit was present in her teaching us. Mardi gave our class so much love each Thursday night and she will forever be someone I look up to with the highest regard.

Can you speak about the faculty here?

The faculty at MUIH are truly special people. They push you to limits you thought did not exist and even when it gets tough (which it does), they are open to conversation and are there to help you along your way. They want you to succeed and they want you to be part of the community from day one. They are all very different which I appreciate and give their unique gifts to the world every time you have class. They are approachable and I have asked many for advice and, each time, they are there.

What’s your best MUIH memory?

My best MUIH memory is a day early on in Jim Pastore’s class when we were asked to bow to our classmates. This symbolic gesture connected me with my classmates on a deep level. The sense of community was felt so strongly in this class and even after only knowing each other for a few weeks at this time, I knew we were in Oneness with each other. After class, I spoke at length with a classmate of mine and he, too, felt the connection in the room. From that point on, I have had such a sense of trust for my classmates and teachers and know that we are in sacred space.

How will you use what you’ve learned here?

I believe I have already started to use what I have learned here in my life. So it is not so much of “how will” and rather “how do you.” My language has changed and my thoughts have changed. My unnecessary suffering has decreased, and even in conflict or with any issues that arise, I have tools to help me work through whatever comes my way. I have found myself waking up ready to set my mood and being excited about what the day brings, even on days when I have a hectic day at work and then a final in the evening for school. I want to spread the good news of this medicine in all of its facets. I want to have the biggest world possible and I want everyone to live in it with the greatest possibility.

What would you say about MUIH to a prospective student who is interested in attending?

Without a shadow of a doubt, attending MUIH has changed my life. I highly recommend attending an open house. See for yourself what the environment is like, how the people are and the incredible programs that MUIH offers. If MUIH has something that you are interested in I think you would be missing out if you were to go somewhere else.

What is the one word that comes to mind when you think of MUIH?


Gabby Tucci is a student in MUIH's Doctor of Oriental Medicine program.